Things to Do Near Sassafras Mountain

Things to Do Near Sassafras Mountain Sassafras Mountain is the best spot in South Carolina to take in the mountain view. It’s the highest point in South Carolina, and the observation tower at Sassafras Mountain offers a 360 degree view – from the Mountains of North and South Carolina all the way to the Piedmont… Continue reading Things to Do Near Sassafras Mountain

High Falls

Towering 120 feet over the river below, High Falls Waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls in North Carolina and part of a trio of falls along the Little River in DuPont State Recreational Forest. During times of drought, the falls slow to a graceful cascade over the granite plane, but heavy rains upriver… Continue reading High Falls

Triple Falls

Click Here for everything you need to know to visit Triple Falls in DuPont State Fores. About Triple Falls Three waterfalls for the price of one! That’s What you’ll find when you visit Triple Falls on the Little River in the DuPont State Recreational Forest near Brevard. While each of the three smaller falls by… Continue reading Triple Falls

Pearson’s Falls

Click Here for everything you need to know to visit Pearson’s Falls in North Carolina. Keep your eyes open for the turnoff on Highway 176, Pearson’s Falls is easy to miss. Over the years lots have people have driven right by not even knowing it exists. In fact this hidden jewel in Polk County, North… Continue reading Pearson’s Falls

Musgrove Mill Battleground

Click Here for everything you need to know to visit Musgrove Mill Battleground in South Carolina. About the Battle of Musgrove Mill As you drive along Highway 56 between Spartanburg and Clinton, you may not know it, but you’ll pass within yards of the site of an important Patriot victory during the American Revolution. Just… Continue reading Musgrove Mill Battleground

DuPont State Recreational Forest

DuPont State Forest’s Beginnings as an Industrial Site Driving through one of North Carolina’s youngest state forests, it’s hard to believe that it was once an industrial site. But that’s just what you’ll find when you visit DuPont State Recreational Forest in Ceder Mountain between Brevard and Flat Rock. In the 1950’s the DuPont Corporation… Continue reading DuPont State Recreational Forest

Chimney Rock State Park

Chimney Rock State Park Rising like a medieval guard tower, Chimney Rock keeps watch over Hickory Nut Gorge below. Passing between mountains on each side, the gorge for centuries was a reliable route from the highland regions in the north to the flatland in the south. Before it was the to Chimney Rock State Park… Continue reading Chimney Rock State Park

Issaqueena Falls

The Legend of Issaqueena Falls A legend has grown up around this elegant hundred foot waterfall near Walhalla in Oconee County South Carolina. Like all legends, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fiction. As the first written accounts come over 100 years after the events depicted, you can imagine that many facts have… Continue reading Issaqueena Falls