Site Update March 13

Time for another site update letting you know what’s changed in the past week and what we have in store for you at Carolina Odyssey.

This Past Week

Over the past week we added new pages for Sassafras Mountain, Triple Falls, Lake Russell Dam, and Chimney Rock.

We also updated the North Carolina and South Carolina pages with thumbnails to make them a little more user friendly.

New Blog Feature

You may have noticed a new section on our blog. After visiting Chimney Rock, we filed a Field Report. These will continue and cover initial impressions on the sites we visit.

The Week Ahead

The weather report for next week looks dismal, so we’re keeping the idea of site visits open. Hopefully we’ll get to a couple places around Forest City, North Carolina.

We still have pages on Pearson’s Falls, Horseshoe Falls, and Lilian Sandburg’s goat herd and dairy.

The blog is also going to be expanded to include topics relating to folklore and Carolina history.

The big change in the site design that need to made next week, is the addition of nearby places for each site page. That way if you’re at Caesar’s Head, you’ll be able to see that you’re only 20 miles away from Sassafras mountain.

That’s it for now, except to say have a great week, and see you again next weekend.

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