Triple Falls

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About Triple Falls

three level waterfall - top and muddle sections flowing straight down lower section flowing off to the left
Triple Falls at DuPont Forest

Three waterfalls for the price of one! That’s What you’ll find when you visit Triple Falls on the Little River in the DuPont State Recreational Forest near Brevard.

While each of the three smaller falls by themselves would still be impressive, when taken together they form a spectacular 120 foot waterfall with individual pools between. The middle section has a rock shelf you can walk out on to get a better view of the two top falls.

If you look closely, you may recognize Triple Falls as the backdrop of some of you’re favorite movies. The Last of the Morticians (1992) was filmed in part at DuPont Forest, but more recently The Hunger Games (2012) featured Triple Falls in the background for a number of scenes.

Fall leaves in DuPont State Forest with part of triple falls visible and surrounded by multi colored vegetation and trees
Although Fall is one of the best times to visit DuPont State Forest, the waterfalls can be a little obscured.


Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of folklore or legends surrounding the falls. The most I could find was the story an unsolved murder from 1947. On Mother’s Day, Joe Golden, the caretaker at the nearby Buck Forest Club, was found shot with his own pistol at the base of the falls. He had been missing for three days. Considering how breathtaking Triple Falls is, it’s hard to believe that no legends have sprung up around it. So the folklore search will go on, and I’ll update this page as I find out more.

A long but short waterfall above a taller waterfall that's about half its length at DuPont State Forest. The second more narrow waterfall is flowing into a pool and a solid granite rock face is to its right.
Upper and middle sections of Triple Falls at DuPont State Forest. If you’re feeling adventitious climb down the stairs not far from the picnic area to get a closer look at the waterfall. Just don’t forget you’ll have to climb back up.

Visiting Triple Falls

Waterfall flowing into a pool and immediately into another waterfall
Middle and upper sections

Two trails in DuPont State Recreational Forest lead to Triple Falls.

From Hooker Falls Area

The quickest route is via the Hooker Falls parking lot. It’s a short half mile walk along the Little River. The last tenth of a mile is very steep though, but you’ll soon find yourself level with the middle section of the falls.

From High Falls Area

From the High Falls Parking lot follow the loop trail that will take you to not only Triple Falls but High Falls as well. Along the trail there’s a turn off to reach the base of High Falls. It’s about a 2 mile journey if you don’t take the spur to the base of High Falls. It’s a longer hike, but it’s not as steep and you get to pass a second waterfall along the way.

Upper section of Triple Falls

Viewing Triple Falls

There are a number of good spots where you can view the falls. To get a great shot of all three waterfalls, look for the picnic shelter on a hill opposite Triple Falls near the middle section. You’ll be above the trail and clear of most vegetation.

Upper two sections of triple waterfall in DuPont Forest seen in fall. The first cascade can be seen at the top but not the first pool.the second cascade flows down half a rock fave into a pool leaves are all turning gold and red
All of DuPont Forest is spectacular as Autumn brings a cascade of color to Triple Falls.

If you want to get a closer look, there’s a series of wooden staircases leading down to the base of the middle waterfall. You’ll step out onto a stone shelf just yards from the cascade. There’s plenty of room here to take a breather or grab a quick bite.

Middle section of Triple Falls
three waterfalls together
All three sections of Triple Falls

Fast Facts About Triple Falls

Type: Waterfall
Admission: Free
Location: Located in DuPont State Recreational Forest
Phone: 828-877-6527
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Things to do: Waterfall Viewing, Hiking, Bird Watching, Picnicking

Map to Triple Falls