Brick 19th century farm house made of red bricks with front porch and rocking chairs wooden kitchen attached to rear of house
Historic Johnson Farm House. He wooden Kitchen at the rear of the house was once separate, but it was later moved and connected to the main house.

Historic Johnson Farm Field Report

The drive to the Johnson Farm takes you through a growing residential area. The older homes that are still here hint at a rural past, but upscale suburban life is fast approaching.

It’s with this mindset that I arrived at the historic site. The parking lot is on the average side with room for maybe 20 to 30 cars at the most with handicap parking along the far side of the visitor center.

Today I entered through the visitor center. A number of displays are set up along the wall and I was greeted by a helpful staff member. Tours start at 10:30 AM Monday through Friday but you have to register beforehand. Unfortunately I hadn’t registered, so I wasn’t able to get into the house.

simple wooden two story house pained white with proch running around 1 and a half sides
Boarding House built by teh Johnson Brothers in the 1920’s now the home of the Heritage Weavers & Fiber Artists.

I would however be able to take the self guided tour using using my phone by scanning QR codes found on all the historic buildings. The site isn’t staffed on weekends or holidays, so no house tours are available. But visitors are welcome to walk around the grounds and take the self guided tour.

The old boarding house is located right next to the farm house and is the home of Heritage Weavers & Fiber Artists. Volunteers here keep different hours from the site staff and operate a gift shop offering handmade items made by their members.

goat walking on plank between 2 barrels with donkeys in the field behind
Donkeys and goats live in the barn and can be seen grazing in the attached pasture.

The barn located a short walk from the home houses a couple donkeys and some goats. And at the far end of the complex is a very short nature trail. And there are a few picnic tables along the path to the barn.

Final Thoughts

small old white building with bell on a post and "school house" written next to door.
The granary is oldest building at the farm. Today it’s set up like an old one room schoolhouse.

Lots of things here are geared towards kids, but that make sense. The hose and property are owned by Henderson County Schools and it’s used throughout the year for field trips where kids can experience history instead of just reading about it. The nature trail has pages of children’s books along the path where kids can walk and read. So the farm is a great place to bring the kids for a picnic.

That being said, adults will enjoy their visit too. The self guided tour focuses on the family living at the farm and their borders. The story of the historic site is told through their lives and eyes. While you won’t spend entire day here, it’s well worth a visit.