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Earth Day Reflections of Conservation in the Carolinas

Earth Day, among other things, allows us an opportunity to to spend some time appreciating nature. Some people like to take the opportunity to commune with nature and reflect on the natural world. While others want to learn about conservation today and in the past. Lets take a look at some places and activities in our own backyard where you can go to learn about conservation and see the results of conservation efforts that span over a century.

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Discovering Gastonia’s Backyard Treasures

Nestled just outside of the bustling city of Charlotte, Gastonia, North Carolina is one of the most popular spots for people moving to the area to settle. And why not? With urban delights like shopping, concerts, art galleries, and sports just a stone’s throw away. But what so many overlook is that Gastonia is also a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts.

Civilian Conservation Corps in South Carolina

The most popular program of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal was responsible for building 16 State Parks in South Carolina. Here are a few of them where we can trace the CCC from it’s early day, through it’s peak, and finally to it’s end.

Exploring the Waxhaws

One of the oldest regions in the north of South Carolina, the Waxhaws offers a look at the state’s history from the time before the first European explorers through Scots-Irish migration and the American Revolution, and to a time when business leaders were searching for ways to connect the state to the Port of Charleston.

Historic Homes in the Carolina’s

Just about every city and town in the Carolina’s boasts at least one historic home that’s been preserved through the ages. Each of these homes has a story to tell of it’s past and it’s occupants. Here is selection of homes that you can visit that not only tell their own stories, but also contribute to the story of the Carolina’s as a whole.

Great DuPont Forest Waterfall Hike

Looking for a great scenic hike that’s not too hard? Visit the Three Sisters Waterfalls at DuPont State Recreational Forest. The well maintained trail is great for even new hikers. And the best part, even if you only make it to one or two, you’re sure to experience some great sights.

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South Carolina Highway 11 Road Trip

Known as the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, Highway 11 in northern South Carolina is the perfect spot for a weekend drive.

The American Revolution in the Carolinas

Some of the most fierce fighting that took place during the American Revolution happened right here in the Carolinas. Thanks to preservation efforts, many of those battlegrounds remain open to the public to this day letting you trace the course of the Southern Campaign by visiting Historic Sites throughout the Carolinas.

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Fall Foliage and Leaf Peeping in the Carolinas

Planning on heading out to enjoy the leaf change this year? Check in here to find out the best spots to visit and the best times to go.

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Things to Do Near Sassafras Mountain

Ever visit Sassafras Mountain in South Carolina? The view is hard to beat, but ever wonder what else there is to do? Turns out that there are lots of places to visit that are just a short drive from the highest spot in the state.

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Hidden Historic Sites In the Carolinas

With so many historic sites in the Carolinas, it’s easy for some to be overlooked. But these little visited historic sites are some of the best places to visit.

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Places to Take Dad this Father’s Day

Still looking for something to do for Dad this Fathers Day? Better hurry up because Father’s day will be here sooner than you think. How about giving dad memories that he’ll cherish for years to come.

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Memorial Day in the Waxhaws

There are places that have been forgotten by the vast majority of people. Places where Americans made the ultimate sacrifice that are only remembered by those who still live close by. One of those places sits alongside a lonely road in rural South Carolina.

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What do State Parks Have to do with Memorial Day?

The years just before World War II saw a massive effort to build state and national parks all across the United States. When war broke out most of the young men building the parks enlisted in the military leaving projects unfinished. Some of those unfinished projects stand as silent memorials to those who fought for our freedoms.