Poinsett Bridge Arch - woodland scene viewed from inside a stone archway. A small stream meanders through the forest, surrounded by rocks and fallen leaves indicative of autumn. A tall tree stands in the center of the arch’s opening, leaning slightly to one side.

Poinsett Bridge – Greenville, SC – Stepping back in time under the arch of the historic Poinsett Bridge in Greenville, SC. Learn about this historic bridge and how it helped shape our region.

Blackstock Battlefield Thumbnail

Blackstock’s BattlefieldEnoree, SC – After the death of Patrick Ferguson and the defeat of the British at Kings Mountain, The Fighting Gamecock faced off with the most hated Banastre Tarleton at Blackstock’s Farm.

cowpens battleground thumbnail

Cowpens National BattlefieldGaffney, SC – Site of one of the most important battles in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. The Patriot victory here would set the course to ultimate victory at Yorktown.

Congaree National Park Thumbnail

Congaree National ParkHopkins, SC – Thanks to its inhospitable environment, the Congaree Floodplain preserves one of the largest tracks of old growth bottomland hardwood forest in the country.

Buford's Massacre thumbnail

Buford’s Massacre Site Lancaster, SC – Site of the The Waxhaws where patriots under command of Abraham Buford faced off against “Bloody Tarleton”.

Andrew Jackson State Park thumbnail

Andrew Jackson State ParkLancaster, SC – State Park in South Carolina dedicated to the seventh president of the United States at the site where he lived as a child.

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